Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Countdown: 0!

Tuesday, 1st April, 2014: Fethiye to Ovacik.

My walk, the Lycian Way, officially starts in Ovacik, so today I will be taking my mark. I will catch a dolmus to Kayakoy, spend some time there exploring the ruins of a Greek village, and then walk 6kms down to the famous Olu Deniz resort beach. From there I'll catch a dolmus back up the hill to the Green Peace Hotel in Ovacik, where I have a room for 13E.

I spent yesterday in Fethiye attending to stuff and checking out the Lycian rock tombs here. My SIM card is still not open (when it is, the No Service message will disappear) but at last someone checked my (75TL) SIM and agreed that "Invalid SIM" and "SIM failure!" means it is no good. I had to buy another one - but just 16TL this time. So, I hope my phone will be opened soon and I will have reasonable Internet coverage. Meanwhile, I'm glad I have my little Samsung in case of emergency. (Thanks, Cousin Turkcell!)

My Maps With Me app doesn't require Internet - I just have to turn Airplane Mode off to make it work. Unfortunately, there seems to be a built-in error here in Turkey, as it was about 500m out when I tested it yesterday. Apparently, the Turkish government doesn't allow greatly detailed maps to be published either. (Wishing I brought that cowbell, as suggested....)

I also bought another SD card for my camera, as I have filled a 2G card already! My camera was set to some amazing quality - sorted now. (Thanks, dear Facebook friend, with the same model camera!)

So, I missed a great opportunity to get out on the water in Fethiye - if I stayed another day, I could do a day trip to Rhodes, but I'm psyched up for my walk now and don't want to delay my start....

Bye, Ideal Pension!
Lycian tomb, Fethiye


Bye, Fethiye!
Had a coffee here, in Fethiye


Beautiful Fethiye Harbour


Oh, Kayakoy! The Greek ruins
The path winds up through the ruins. Nobody here but me.


Deserted with the Greek/Turk population exchange in 1923


Nice tent site above the ruins
First view point and pack rest


Yes, little pink splodge, I will follow


This one means "Go in the direction of the tail, not the head"
Did not see a soul from Kayakoy to Oludeniz
Good, flat campsites halfway down


First view of Oludeniz


Oludeniz not open for the summer season yet
Deserted beach


Green Peace Hotel just opened today - I am the first guest of the season

The GPS on my Maps With Me app worked well today - quite accurate. Yay!


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  1. You are lucky to see Oludeniz unspoilt by tourists. In a month's time that lovely beach will be packed with Russians!