Thursday, 3 April 2014

Day 2: Faralya to Kabak (7kms)

Thursday 3 April, 2014

Did you collectively groan with me at my foolish financial oversight? We should not default to a groan when plans get thwarted - because it just means other wonderful things can happen instead....

The dolmus picked me up, after brekky, at 8.45am and we drove back to Olu Deniz on a spectacular, elevated ledge, descending via hairpin bends into the beachside towns we looked down on from the trail yesterday. Well worth the 5TL each way for the experience! The dolmus terminated at Olu Deniz Beach, right where there was an ATM/ cash point and, so, by 9:10am I was significantly cashed up again. The return trip wasn't scheduled till 12 noon, so I had a coffee and uploaded my blog, and then watched the para gliders. At any time, there are a dozen or so in the air and they were landing right by me. Very entertaining.

Back in Faralya, I collected my pack from the Gul Pension and was on my Lycian way by 12.30pm. I am now out of sync with most walkers and so, it was just me and Kate for the 7kms to Kabak. I was much more appreciative of her guidance, today, although she stilled confused me enough to get us lost. (Not so badly, Ahmet, that I couldn't use my intuition to get us here.) I was very pleased to see the first pension mentioned in the guidebook, Mama's, and stopped there for a pack rest before struggling downhill to the beach. I didn't want to start my day tomorrow with that descent and figured, if I couldn't find somewhere to stay near the beach, I'd camp.

At the pension, the Sea Valley was recommended as a place to camp, and "Kurtulus" said I would love the food! I was happily anticipating my first night of camping, with a good meal thrown in but, in fact, all of the beachside resorts were still closed, including Sea Valley. Darn! Fortunes swinging back the other way again.... As I wandered, disappointed, along the road I found this place - Turan Lodge. It must be only just open because, again, I seem to be the only guest here.

I really like Turan Lodge. I forgot about camping when I saw the little tree-house cabins - and the price is just 70TL for dinner, bed and breakfast. Oh what a happy plodder I am, after all, today. Mind you, the mountain I have to climb tomorrow looms over me....

For now, I am happily anticipating dinner!

Breakfast at Gul Pension, Faralya: egg, tomato, cucumber, cheese, olives, jam, honey, bread


Gul Pension


Paragliding, Olu Deniz


Bye, Faralya


Come on, Kate, this way!


Good campsites at the top of the hill from Faralya



So, olive tree, how old are you?



Ooh, a lunch spot for me


Simple fare


Bee-keeping, with a view


Kabak beach and, beyond, tomorrow's walk


Nearly down
Turan Lodge. My cabin is the back one
Turan Lodge. Time for a hot milk (a sicak sut)
Turan Lodge


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